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2024 Top Stone Trends - Natural Stone, Stone Veneer, and more

By: Derek Saracini - Sales Director

Cobble Stone Black Forest
Cobble Stone Black Forest

As we get further into 2024, I've seen a pattern of stone trends emerging.

There are two opposite looks that people want to achieve - a modern elegance or a rustic classic look. At StoneRox, we are lucky enough to be equipped with the capability to achieve both of these timeless profiles with our stone veneer products. To replicate that modern/contemporary look, our Ridge Stone or Newport products are perfect choices as they have linear running looks with sharp edges and minimal face profiles.

Another great option would be our natural stone panels. Any of the six options will give any project a touch of that modern class. These styles scream luxury on any exterior or interior application.

Field Stone Black Forest
Field Stone Black Forest for an interior project

If you're trying to replicate the rustic, more traditional look, that can also be achieved with our thin clay brick and screw-on stone products.

Styles I would include would be our Cobble Stone, Ledge Stone, Ledge Cobble Stone, and Field Stone. Our thin clay bricks are beautiful reclaimed brick products that give you that

old-world vibe. The feeling of exposed brick on an interior application or installing these products as an exterior cladding can really bring any project to life. And we've been seeing that trend emerge over the past few years. People are loving the way these products look once all is said and done.

Cobble Stone Aspen
Cobble Stone Aspen for an interior project

The more DIY-friendly screw-on stone products can achieve either traditional or modern looks with our two styles available. The castle rock is the look you think about when you hear "stone," with its rough edges and profiled face. Our NEW Liverpool style is more of a linear running stone with very little face profile and more of a 3D effect creating shadows to really give the stone that modern feel.

Enough talk about style trends, let's discuss the colour trends for 2024. So far we have seen white stone products really come to the forefront. That being said, our Everest is the perfect colour for this.

Along with white, neutral tones have still been extremely popular. Varying tones of grey, beige, and charcoal are what people are wanting this year. Our Aspen (seen above), Ash, Telluride, Black Forest, and Titanium are perfect colours to achieve these needs.

With all that being said, please check out the rest of our website to review the recommendations throughout this blog. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us anytime, as we would be happy to help. We look forward to working together!


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