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Royal Stone
Ledge Stone

This contemporary stone is offered in a wide range of colours. It gives your projects a modern look while adding a touch of tradition.

If you don't find something you love, our manufactured stone veneer page has endless possibilities for you.

You have your choice of Cobble Stone, Ledge Cobble Stone, Field Stone, Lime Stone, Newport, and Ridge Stone with us at StoneRox when it comes to manufactured stone veneer.

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Ledge Stone, one of our top-rated manufactured stone veneer, is favoured for home use primarily due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility in both interior and exterior projects. It's a high-quality stone in Ontario and a high-quality stone in Canada. Its natural, stacked appearance adds a rustic or contemporary charm to walls, fireplaces, and accent features. Ledge Stone is durable, often made from natural materials like slate, quartz, or lime stone, making it resistant to wear and weathering. It requires minimal maintenance and can significantly enhance the visual appeal and value of residential properties. If you're looking to upgrade the value of your home, Ledge Stone is a great place to start.

Ledge Stone Gallery

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